Kanye West Goes Fashion Designing ... For Real!

When the news about Kanye West launching his own clothing line entered my ears, the thought that immediately came across my mind was, “Would it (the collection) be Gwen Stefani-esque or Jennifer Lopez-esque?

Ah, I was right with the first one — Gwen Stefani-esque — but with a tinge of true fashion ethos. 

All I can say after looking at the line-up, which was staged to the fashion media and celebrities alike during the recent Paris Fashion Week, is that Kanye did his research pretty well after all. 

Perhaps, having the luxury of jetting around the world and being able to be part of the prestigious events namely the Met Costume Institute Gala and fashionable post party events have enabled him to observe how truly elegant women dress to their nines.

Moreover, I am glad that his designs are leaned towards the sophisticated lot and not the typical hip-hop groupies. No barely there pieces (as spotted by Rihanna) and every piece exudes true femininity and nuances of contemporary urban womanhood. 

Black is the hue that ruled the Fall/Winter collection, at about 90 percent, while the remainder is made of white, grey and brown.

Rather than referencing to the past — a common practice done by most designers, whether established or emerging — Kanye and his designing team chose the present day and a bit of future for their design reference. 

Such approach resulted to a stunning 21-piece collection of alluring and feminine pieces crafted out of fall/winter-appropriate materials (think leather and furs) that do not merely sync with women’s graceful anatomy, but also boosting their personal appeal and confidence.

To date, there is no word on where the collection will be retailed but rest assured, many are likely to pray for the likes of Net-A-Porter or Barneys New York will pick it up come next season.

*Photos by Alessandro Viero/GoRunway.com/Style.com


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