Victoria Beckham Scores New Victory With Victoria

Victoria Beckham is enjoying her prime time in fashion. Her fashion line of the same name, which consists of super high-end gowns and dresses, is constantly receiving rave reviews from fashion editors and fashion buyers alike.

Even her handbags, with some are made of expensive genuine alligator skin, have gotten fashionistas making a long beeline. 

Recently, another venture has been added into her expansive brand portfolio – a diffusion clothing line. Simply known as Victoria, the line is the antithesis of Victoria Beckham. In fact, Victoria also represents the rarely seen ‘smiley’ side of the designer/singer/occasional actress and model. 

Think loosen silhouettes, lots of A-line shapes and hems that nicely sit above the knees and happy, zesty hues such as orange, pink, blue and red, just to list a few. Look closely and you won’t even find a sequin or a bead as well.

While it is well understood that diffusion lines are targeted towards the younger crowd — hence the ‘affordable’ price range between $450.00 to $1,250.00 a pop — it wouldn't be a surprise if some critics would pass off this line as a mere high street produce rather than high end, since the collection lacks Victoria’s trademarked sophistication. On the other hand, the ‘cute’ kitty prints too can be a blaming factors. 

Also, Mrs Beckham even cited that the line’s feel and style came from a source which I feel awkward and totally un-Victoria Beckham: Emily the Strange! Honestly, judging from the free-flow cats, crescent moons and flower prints, I’d rather cite Zooey Deschanel or her ‘alleged’ twin Katy Perry as the inspiration. 

Nevertheless, I have no doubt that this line will spell another success for Victoria Beckham, just like her brand with the same name. Thus, to Queen Victoria, all the best with your new conquest!

Victoria by Victoria Beckham spring/summer 2012 collection is available now at select mix brand retailers and departmental stores worldwide. 

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Victoria by Victoria Beckham – Pois, 2 Orchard Turn, Ion Orchard 03-07, Singapore 238801; Jade Boutique, JI. HOS. Cokroaminooto 67, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat.


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