Rodial Ends Your Quest for Eternal Youth

As humans, looking for the easy way out in everything we do is actually one of our favourite pastimes. 

For example, if we are too lazy to cash out for shopping, there’s always a credit card to the rescue. If we’re too bogged down by work and have no time to cook a decent dinner, we can always turn to the quick-serve restaurants or home delivery. 

However, what if we are too eager to get youthful and line-free skin without having to wait for ages? Well, we can always turn our backs to the Botox shots or the plastic surgeons!

Save for the former option, rest assured not everyone is keen to go under the surgeon’s knife for the sake of being eternally youthful as the healing process may take quite a while. Especially for aging men or women who tend to have slow ability to recuperate. 

Yet, one should not fret as there is actually, a non-painful solution to achieve beautiful, supple skin, as well as a perfect body that one have always dreamed of. Please welcome the nature science skincare, Rodial.

Based in the United Kingdom, Rodial started as a brainchild of Maria Hatzistefanis, a former beauty editor. The epiphany (of starting Rodial) came after she foresaw the potential of a luxury skincare range that offered targeted treatments to specific skin concerns. Of course, the range too acts an alternative to cosmetic surgery and painful jabs, such as, yes, Botox. 

Kick-started in 1999, Rodial has gradually become a cult beauty brand favoured by staunch beauty connoisseurs and celebrities in 35 countries around the world. If you wonder what makes Rodial such a cult favourite, here’s what the founder has to say:

“It is purely down to the effectiveness of the products. There is a huge international demand for Rodial as there are no other products on the market that offer the same solutions and results as that products such as Glamoxy, Snake Serum, Boob Job and Bum Lift offer,” said Ms. Maria Hatzistefanis. “I will never create a product that is already available on the market or does not offer a radical result. This is why Rodial is so successful across the globe.”

Radical is indeed, the perfect word to depict its effectiveness and like other celebrities or staunch beauty connoisseurs who all have sworn by it, I too, have to confess that Rodial really works on my skin. I know this may sound like a paid confession but no, it is not! Recently, I was invited by Rodial to witness the power of this science-and-nature derived skincare, first hand.

Held at the Beauty Science salon, Bangsar Shopping Centre, the session started with a calming facial. I was taken into the facial room, where soft music and the scent of therapeutic orange blossom wafted into my nose and ears, hence relieving my stressed senses. The beautician started to knead the surface of my face with cleanser and gradually I dozed off.

Though I was asleep at the time, I did sense the changes to my skin, but at a slower pace. More or less, the facial session went on for about 30 minutes or slightly more. After the session ended, I have to say that there’s a stark difference on my face. I see more glow on it, plus a tad of firmness to my skin – after a week of ignorance.

Post facial, I sat down with Rodial’s resident beauty expert, Ms. Lynn who later shared with me the interesting facts on the wonders of Rodial skincare. 

Unlike most on-the-shelves-or-counter beauty brands, (no namedropping required); Rodial products are known for their high potency of naturally derived powerful ingredients. What's more, it is also recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons in the UK.

One of the main – or the star – ingredients is the pomegranate ellagic tannin, which is known for its natural anti-aging, firming and collagen-boosting properties. Besides the pomegranate tannin, Rodial also created advanced neuropeptide Dipeptitde, which is present in their Glamoxy Snake Serum, that mimics the effects of the Temple Viper venom, hence giving a mild freeze-like effect that supports the reduction of visible facial contractions. In other words, one can say that it is better and much friendlier than Botox!

Furthermore, it doesn’t take a very long time for you to achieve the result. All you need is an approximate waiting time of two weeks (the least) and you can already see the dramatic differences on your skin! Skincare aside, Rodial also has created a diet programme for those who wanted to shed those extra kilos.

According to Ms. Lynn, the programme is a favourite among Rodial fans with some of them have experienced tremendous weight loss within the duration of two weeks — a miracle indeed!

But again, truth be told, I don’t need to wait up to two weeks to see the difference it has made to my skin. Hence, it is no surprise that celebrities like Jessica Biel, Beyoncé Knowles and Sienna Miller have all pledged their allegiance to Rodial - not as just a cult skincare, but as the major saviour to their skin woes. 

Now, albeit the price may be tad higher than other well-known skincare brands in the market, do treat it as an important investment for Rodial could be the ending mark to your lifelong quest for the fountain of eternal youth.

Thus, a million thanks to Ms. Lyn from Rodial, Ms. Rebecca and the beautician who did the superb facial (apologies for my sometimes short-term memory. Blame my head but not my heart) at Beauty Science salon and Ms. Intan and Ms. Azie from Salina & Associates PR for providing me the wonderful treatment any blogger could wish for.

Rodial skincare and diet programme range is available at Rodial counter at Robinsons The Gardens, Mid Valley; Beauty Science Salon at Bangsar Shopping Centre; and also at Rodial’s online store (

*Photos courtesy of Rodial and (Maria's photo).

Rodial – Robinsons Beauty Hall, Ground Floor, Lot G-211, The Gardens Mid Valley, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.          


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