Just (Tad) Fierce ... Christian Siriano SS2012

Any fashion sceptics can simply shriek “Fierce? Hell yeah!” as they see the first ensemble from Christian Siriano’s spring/summer 2012 collection of 38 pieces.

Well, I too could not help it but to admit that I was quite shocked when I saw it: T-shirt in pale red paired with long green skirt, modelled by a Rihanna-ish model (note the hair) with oversized sunglasses hanging on her face. Like the sceptics, I could have shrieked something like this — “What happened to the fierce fashion prophet? Shouldn’t he practice what he preached?”

Nevertheless, Christian Siriano is smart and perhaps, he is a strong believer of “saving the best for last”. First, he treats his audiences to a slew of seminal daywear pieces on the runway. 

They include bold red and white navy striped top worn with pantsuit, shift tops with capes, sleeveless belted dress with green chiffon under layering, a classic white dress with thin red belt around the waist, white sleeveless shirt and paper bag-fringed palazzo pants. Also included in the daywear rotation are two bodycon dresses with one spotting sculptural effect and a Jackie Kennedy-worthy assembly of chiffon blouson and Capri pants.   

As the last of the seminal daywear retreats to the backstage and (perhaps) everyone begin to think that Siriano has lost his spark, he immediately evoked his fierceness and voila, a slew of party-perfect eveningwear pieces go on parade. 

Working a lot with tulles and organza, the eveningwear slot — the one that got many people anticipating — opens with a gorgeous cocktail dress with satin sweetheart neckline bodice and feathery skirt.

Besides the show-opener cocktail dress, other pieces that follow suit are shift dress with flocked tulle appliqué peplum, bohemian button front long dress with gathered shoulders, a number of dainty organza gowns strewn with sea of tulle appliqués, a satin baby doll dress and a beautiful ball gown that will make Cinderella ditch her fairy Godmother.

Christian Siriano’s spring/summer 2012 ready-to-wear collection will be available at selected fashion retailers worldwide starting next year.

*Photos by Style.com

Christian Siriano - Alothman: PO Box 8644, Salmiya 22057 Kuwait; Mimosa: Al Haman Trading Estate, Gulf Star Complex, Riyadh 31952 Saudi Arabia; Arabian Apparel: Faisaliah Mall, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Stars Avenue Mall, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.     


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