Athletics At Its (Sexiest) Best ... Calvin Klein Collection SS2012

I have never seen so much skin on Calvin Klein’s menswear spring/summer collection. Wait, did I or did not? Well, if I did, it might be either eons ago or maybe they were just some underwear ads seen in the magazines. Anyway, I have to say, Italo Zucchelli really injected a gallon of athletic feel into this collection.  

Retaining the design DNA of Calvin Klein — simple, clean and practically urban, altogether rolled with dashes of cutting-edge fabrics, one can immediately imagine the possibilities of having the US male contingent walking past the cheering crowd at the upcoming Olympics in, yes, you are right, this superb collection.

Just a glance at the simple tank top with really low arm holes and baggy (but sculptural-looking) track bottom and I can tell you that the look is most probably influenced by the hard-bodied gymnasts.

Nevertheless, to be honest, when I glanced at the below-knees shorts paired with the fitting tanks, it reminds me of none other than Calvin Klein Underwear’s former poster boy, Mark Wahlberg or formerly known as Marky Mark. Sorry signore Zucchelli! 

Instead of just one way to wear the tank, Zucchelli also introduces another “sexy” way to wear it, which is by layering it over another top in contrasting colours. Tanks aside, the tops seem to be relaxed and even though it may look cinched to the body, the wearer would not feel trapped inside it. In the material department, the marvellous juxtaposition of technical sheen and matte-textured fabrics with occasional mesh and optical art print delivers a rush of fresh air and über-modernity into the collection.

While grey and white have been a permanent fixture in Calvin Klein’s working palette, the spring/summer collection also sees tinges of lively but not flamboyant hues such as green, brownish and both light and dark shades of blue. Of course, you can’t ditch the black as it goes well with almost everything. Thus, to round it up, I would give both thumbs up to Mr. Italo Zucchelli for the strong yet laidback collection.  

Calvin Klein Collection spring/summer 2012 ready-to-wear for men will be available at Calvin Klein Collection stores and selected retailers worldwide next year.  

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Calvin Klein Collection – Shanghai Plaza 66, 1266 West Nanjing Road, Shanghai 200040; Burjuman Centre, Khalid bin Waled Street, Bur Dubai, Dubai.


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