Be The Bond Girls ... Hervé Léger Pre-Fall 2011

Whenever I see a woman in Hervé Léger bodycon dress, questions would circle in my mind. Well, I have to admit that Hervé Léger knows how to make dresses that flatters a woman; dresses that truly uplift her confidence and sensuality.

But beneath all that, I cannot help but to wonder, do they hold their breath while their svelte bodies are being ‘encaged’ in the dresses? Do they like give an excuse while mingling with other ladies who lunch, run into the ladies room and unzip the dress to take a relieving breather? Or another absurd question from me: if a curvy woman wears a bandage dress, will she be able to shed down some weight since it looks pretty constricting from the outside.

Well, until I try one for myself, the above questions shall remain unanswered. But I did hear from some ladies that the bondage dresses are comfortable in the inside, even though they look skin-tight. Well, just like what they always say, never be deceived by the exterior looks.

For the upcoming Pre-Fall 2011, which will be about eight months from now (discounting this month, which is December), the classic bondage and bodycon dresses are doused in prints and colour blockings.

With high and way above the knees hemlines, most looks feature cap sleeves and belted around the waists with harness belts. However, there are pieces that do not fully constrict to the wearer’s body, such as a V-neck sleeveless dress in monotonous colour blocking with a strictly body-cinching bodice and flared skirt. If you prefer a total sleeveless look, then you can opt for a printed strapless mini dress, doused in lines of neutral colours and sports flared skirts. If you are into floral prints and metallic colours, you will be swooned by another body-conscious strapless dress in silver and fully adorned with floral prints.

You see, the best thing about Hervé Leger’s bondage dresses is, they are perfect for all occasions and time. You can wear it to work, attend a cocktail party in the evening and then, proceed to a romantic dinner for two with your man. The assuaged colours and clean silhouette accentuate the sexy curves (and cleavage) of yours, thus doubling up the ante of your personal style.

What's more, don't be surprised to see the number of guys who will be turned on when they see you descending the club's staircase on one of your girls' night out! And honey, I can tell you that there are women who not just swear, but also live by Hervé Léger’s bodycon dresses, and who knows, you could be one of them sooner or later!

Hervé Léger Pre-Fall 2011 collection will be available next year at selected retailers around the world. In Malaysia, Hervé Léger collection is available at Aseana.

*Photos by of Hervé Léger

Hervé Léger at Aseana – Ground Floor, Melium Gallery, Suria KLCC, Jalan Ampang, 55800 Kuala Lumpur.


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