Subliminally Subkoff ... Imitation by Tara Subkoff SS2011

If I were to interpret what I saw at the Tara Subkoff’s spring/summer 2011 runway presentation (I was there spiritually, and not physically – which I felt so bad for missing it), I’d delineate the whole scenery as a preview to what I will encounter in heaven when I’m up there.

The reason being due to the yards of gossamer, lithe fabrics in pale colours that are used to create enticing dresses and ensembles for the beautiful angels.

Nevertheless, after seeing some lingerie nuances being paraded, I wondered if the collection was created by the actress turned fashion designer as a mean of delivering a sort of precaution to men: despite all the goddessy (or angelic) qualities a man could find in his woman – or women to some – she is also capable of becoming an effortless she-devil (Liz Hurley tried too hard in Bedazzled) that won’t stop at nothing to beguile you into her sensual trap.

But still, if you include the green grass walkway into the account, then I guess the first interpretation is the most suitable to describe her runway show. (In 2000, Subkoff held their first ever show in a New York funeral parlour. Scary? I know.)

Back on the fashion track with her label Imitation (without ‘of Christ’), Subkoff, who had recovered from a brain tumour surgery, amazed her supporters and fashion editors alike with a collection of liquid, semi-sheer pieces for the upcoming spring/summer season. Inspired by the glorious style of the old Hollywood circa 1950s, the dresses seem airy and meant to be worn daily.

I also noticed that much of the dresses are more or less imbued with bridal mood. Add the lace kerchief and veils placed atop the models’ heads as headgears and they will certainly remind you of wedding pictures from the flappers’ era. I can even bet that if the Red Riding Hood were at the show, she would immediately swap her red hooded cape with Subkoff's version in opulent white lace.

As for the shades, I find that the working palette used by Subkoff in this collection as rather simple and neutral, while the chosen silhouettes are rather relaxed and non-constricting. What’s more, the majority of the clothes presented at the show were made from the subtle and supple jersey cotton – hence their litheness.

Even one can spot the huge degree of humility in this collection. Thus, I don't think it will be too much to say that Imitation is absolutely meant for It girls who prefer to keep themselves discreet and humble at the same time. But overall, the lingerie-like pieces in classic lace and lissom chiffon certainly got everyone talking as the retro-inspired looks paired with seductive materials ooze adequate amount of sensuality, enough to make his heart racing even faster.

Perhaps, those ladies who lunch of New York and celebrities, who were present at the show (ehem, seated at the front row) would have speed-dialled Subkoff’s or Imitation office’s number right after the show to pre-order those sure-fire lingerie-esque pieces!

Imitation by Tara Subkoff spring/summer 2011 collection will be available in selected fine department stores and multi-brand boutiques worldwide starting early next year.

*Photos by imaxtree/ New York Magazine


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