Subdued Yet Sartorial ... Louis Vuitton Menswear FW2010-11 Collection

If there is a song that I could liken to the fall/winter menswear trend, it will be “Same Script, Different Cast” by Whitney Houston and Deborah Cox.

Albeit you won’t find any strong correlation between the song - which is about a woman who tries to warn another woman about the possibilities of being cheated due to her past experiences with the other woman’s beau – and the current menswear collection, the parallel is simple: the storyline is always the same season after season – the emphasis of smart tailoring and precision cuts with fragments of rugged edges to accentuate one’s manliness – but the difference is, it is constantly played by a different cast, which are the suave male models in this perspective.

For fall/winter 2010, Marc Jacobs and his team are playing it safe again by reusing the same recipe but with some added twist, which resulting a slew of wearable (and saleable) pieces. The colours are rather muted and atypical to what you may find in most über male wardrobes – dark hues that are made of black, navy and brown mixed with tan, grey and some off-whites.

The outerwears, which are mostly done in warm, luxurious fabrics like wool and buttery soft leathers, are perfectly tailored with high precision on cuts but with relaxed built. Oh, don’t be surprised if you see a couple of puffer coats when you visit Louis Vuitton stores anytime soon because puffers are high again on the menswear radar this season!

Although some blazers and sport coats are made to envelope the wearer’s body effortlessly, they do not literally cling and strongly accentuate the body’s outline. In other words, you don’t have to worry about the risk of being suffocated in the blazers or the sport coats because there are ample space for you to breathe.

As for the bottoms, the shape is streamlined, free-flow and straight, allowing you to move freely and at a fast pace. Whilst monotonous colours dominate the shirt and tops area, a top in asymmetrical tonal blue print really stands out from the rest, especially when paired with a simple white long sleeved shirt, a peak-lapelled blazer, gloves and a pair of velvety straight black trousers.

But Louis Vuitton is not Louis Vuitton without its renowned and appetizing array of statement making leather goods. Carriers are boxy and frill-free (it’s a menswear collection anyway, duh) but spot rounded shape and crafted from supple, polished leather. There are also a number of men totes and messenger bags, either in subdued hues or in the traditional Damier canvas monogram.

Nonetheless, if you fancy for a fashion statement-making bag, then a flat square backpack with suede marble/patina effect on the surface will do more than good on your personal style for this fall/winter season. Last but not least, finish it off with one of the many cutting-edge sunglasses and edgy leather boots.

Louis Vuitton FW10-11 menswear and accessories collections are available now at select Louis Vuitton stores worldwide. The third Louis Vuitton store in Kuala Lumpur is scheduled to open at The Gardens this October.

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Louis Vuitton – Indulge Floor, Starhill Gallery, 181 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur; Ground Floor, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Centre 50088 Kuala Lumpur; Ground Floor, The Gardens Mid Valley, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Shaiful - your comments are very valid here, don't worry. Unlike the women's collection, which has varied from borgeouis brocade & bunny ears to this season's 50's inspired Stepford Wife on steroids look, the menswear is a tad reserve & realistic. is Marc Jacob involved in it, too?
    Yup, you are right again about the basic tailoring. The selection of materials are luxe and the shape, slim and flattering - without constricting. Textures and shine are well appointed throughout the whole collection, with a slight nod to sportswear and equistarian influences ( a big note for Fall 2010).
    It is a good balance of high fashion and reality.


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