Hot Redux ... The Noughties Style

The redux trend is always here like forever; despite the fashion glossies are continuously lauding its ‘return’ to the fashion scene this season.

From Chloé to Prada, Gucci and Louis Vuitton, designers are so eager to send their customers back to the yester
years by reviving the styles that used to be endorsed by world famous trendsetters or style icons namely Jacqueline Onassis, Lauren Hutton, Ali McGraw, Brigitte Bardot, Jane Fonda and many more.

However, should you find the 70s or 50s redux as overrated or instead of spending your money on the current redux pieces, why don’t you create your own interpretation of the redux trend by bringing back the Noughties into the fashion scene? What’s more, while rumma
ging through the extensive fashion show archive of, I managed to find 24 great styles from the past 10 years that are truly evergreen and ubiquitously appealing. So ladies, let’s check them out.

Row 1: (L-R) 3.1 Phillip Lim FW09; Andrew Gn FW08; Gucci FW06

Row 2: (L-R) Christian Dior FW06; Yves Saint Laurent FW02; Balenciaga FW08

Row 3: (L-R) Gucci FW03; Alexander McQueen FW06; Fendi 08

Row 4: (L-R) Zac Posen FW08; Louis Vuitton FW07; Versace FW07

Row 5: (L-R) Chanel FW08; Celine FW03; Gucci FW06

Row 6: (L-R) Stella McCartney FW08;
Marc Jacobs FW02; Lanvin FW08

Row 7: (L-R) Prada FW07; Christian Dior FW06; Roberto Cavalli FW05

Row 8: (L-R) Christian Dior FW07;
Gucci FW05; Roberto Cavalli FW04

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