Hey ... Where's My Sepatu?

For years, some fashionistas believe that whatever thing that is labelled with ‘London’ below a brand’s name is surely to cost your more than arms and legs. Case in point: Jimmy Choo London shoes and bags. But surprisingly, you won’t see anything with price tags above £35.00 at Sepatu London – an up and rising British shoe brand.

Sepatu, which means ‘shoe’ in Malay, is actually a brainchild of a Malaysian architect-turned-shoe designer Zetty Shazleen Ismail. Founded last year, Zetty – a shoe lover - used her designing talent to create a collection shoes that are
not only beautiful but also elegant sans the exorbitant price tags. Designed by the in-house design team with a woman’s desire and needs in mind, Sepatu shoes exude an irresistible allure that any shoe lover would not be able to rebuff.

Moreover, the meticulousness of the shapes, as well as the strong emphasis on even the smallest of details are potent enough to radiate one’s fabulousness and confidence, on par with the likes of established and expensive designer labels. In other words, the arrival of Sepatu in the competitive designer shoe market allows every chic girl to be a Carrie Bradshaw in her own right, without having to go on a Russian diet for months!

A glimpse on its website recently got my heart palpitating to the max as the collection is replete with exciting summer hues, feminine shapes and most importantly, model-esque high heels. The first pair that immediately caught my attention was Ariel. Perching on four-inch heels, the suede gladiator sandals are richly doused in fuchsia (also available in red, black, and mustard and purple) replete with pinhole on vamps. Coupled with matching soles, Ariel sandals are perfect for rock chicks or ladies-who-lunch with Rockstar hearts. If pinholes and suede aren’t “your things”, then cobalt blue patent leather Bella is a great alternative.

As for those who are “afraid of heights” or uncomfortable with abnormally high heels (some consider four inches and above as absolute abnormal), Sepatu also has a diverse range of mid-heels for you to wear and I count both Mia and Audrey as my favourite. Doused in classic black, Mia embodies the classic spirit that is constantly exuded by the old Hollywood glamour icons such as Rita Hayworth, Marlene Dietrich and Audrey Hepburn. What’s more, this open toed beauty is perfect for those who are constantly on the move and has little time in between working and leisure.

Ditto for Audrey that is also an open toed pair. Made from camel suede, Audrey is best worn as part of your work wear or for attending semi-casual events on daytime. Nevertheless, if you are looking for something that can be worn with your cocktail or evening dress sans any heavy embellishments on the vamps, then go for satiny Ditsy sling back in luxurious emerald green.

Wow, with that been said, I suppose you’re ready to swipe that plastic for some serious retail therapy for your shoe closet. But before you rush out and hail the taxi or tell your driver to rev up the limo engine, kindly be advised that Sepatu shoes are not available in Malaysia at the moment.The only place where you can purchase the shoes is not London, for the brand is yet to set any physical store in the city. Instead, you can buy them directly via their online store at sepatu.co.uk.

Imbued with gorgeous offerings, the collection is regularly updated so you can always get something new to top up that extensive shoes collection of yours. Hmm, I sense that your hands are itching to key in the credit card numbers, so don’t waste your time ladies. Log on to Sepatu online store and go crazy with shoes!

*Photos courtesy of Sepatu London.

For further inquiries or to place custom-made orders, kindly contact Sepatu London at info@sepatu.uk.


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